Cousin Joan telling me how to navigate the lawn mower

"This is the way you do it."

Site Navigation

My Cousin Joan had her own ideas about how to navigate the lawn mower. Fortunately, it is quite simple, as the navigation of The Theology Brewing Company:

Just follow the menu and you can't go wrong (unless of course I managed to break a link*).To return "home" click on the "Frank A. Mills" logo in the header and footer or the "home" tab in the menu. My picture in the footer will always take you to "Meet Frank." The "Other Websites" section will take you away from The Theology Brewing Company URL to my Frank A. Photography URL. There are a number of "contact" links from "Talk with Frank" to "What are you thinking?" The subscribe/unsubscribe links are for the news letter only and not for contacting me. Each category listing will list all the posts relevant to that category, and most in cases other post-appropriate categories. The right sidebar "Recent Posts" (on each category page) is a list of posts from all categories. That's all you need to know.

* If I did manage to break link please let me know. Thank you